GEArb UFSC amongst the best teams at CAEMP

06/04/2019 19:10

The UFSC Team, formed by law students that are part of GEArb (International Arbitration Study Group), coordinated by Professor Aline Beltrame de Moura​, ​participated in the 5th CAEMP, Competição de Arbitragem Empresarial, held at the Pontificial Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, in Porto Alegre, from March 22nd to March 24th, 2019.

26 teams formed by law students and attorneys from all over the contry participated in the competition.

​Our team was formed by the following UFSC law students: André Xavier, Bruno Benato, Gabriel Masiero, Marco Pascoali, Mario Guedes, Murillo Preve, Paulo Ribeiro, Thiago Ferreira and Vitor Esmanhotto​.

Professor Orlando Neto, postgraduate student Vanessa Brand and the attorneys ​Filipe Senhorinha Röse​ and Gianluca Moser​ helped us prepare for the competition.

The Extension Dean (PROEX) and UFSC Law School gave us financial help for our participation in the competition to be possible.

The team achieved the following results:

– Best Memorandum for Respondent;

– 5th best Memorandum for Claimant;

– 2nd place in the general rounds, which takes into account both the memoranda and the oral rounds score;

– 3rd place in the qualifying oral rounds;

– 2nd best Memoranda score, which takes into account both Memorandum for Claimant and Memorandum for Respondent score;

– Reaching the quarter finals;

– Two speakers amongst the top 10 of the competition: Gabriel Masiero in 4th place and Marco Antônio Pascoali in 8th place.

That was the first time a team from the state of Santa Catarina participated in the dispute, and also the best result ever obtained by a team from Santa Catarina in an arbitration moot in Brazil.

In the next weeks, we will begin the selection process for the students who will represent UFSC at the X CAMARB, the greates arbitration moot in Brazil, to be held in October.


Curitiba Pre-Moot

17/03/2019 22:05

On March 16th and 17th, the UFSC Team was in Curitiba to participate in the Curitiba Pre-Moot, which was held at Universidade Positivo. This was the second preparatory moot we participated in this year.

We thank PUC-SP, UFPR, FGV-RJ and PUC-PR for the great pleadings. Congratulations to Unipê for winning the first position!


17/02/2019 22:58

On February 17th and 18th, the UFSC Team participated in its first pre-moot of the year, the CAM-CCBC Pre-Moot, in Sao Paulo. The Pre-Moots are preparatory moots for the Vis Moot, the biggest arbitration moot in the world, which will happen in April, in Vienna.

In the event, which gathered teams from many parts of Brazil and also from Argentina, team UFSC had the opportunity to meet Professor Ingeborg Schwenzer. Professor Ingeborg is one of the greates scholars on arbitration, and was invited to arbitrate the finals of the moot.

Arbitration Academy Program

17/01/2019 13:58

To the ones who have an interest on international arbitration, we publish the Arbitration Academy program, which will happen from June 1st to July 19th 2019, in Paris.

The Academy is a great opportunity of learning and debating about international arbitration through the lectures ministered by renowned professors and professionals of the field.

Applications can be submitted until March 1st on the website.

More information on scholarships and the program itself can also be found on the link above.

GEArb in the event: 30 years of the Constitution under the optics of the UFSC law school groups

27/09/2018 10:15

Yesterday, October 26th, Bettina Omizzolo and Gustavo Becker Monteiro, monitors of GEArb and coaches of the UFSC Team for the 26th Vis Moot, represented our study group in the event “30 years of the Federal Constitution under the optics of the UFSC Law School groups”. They spoke about international arbitration as a way of access to justice under the light of the Brazilian Federal Republic Constitution from 1988.

We congratulate our monitors for the exhibit, and also Grupo de Estudos em Direito Público – GEDIP and Centro Acadêmico XI de Fevereiro – CAXIF for promoting the event.

Interim result of the written phase

31/08/2018 13:48

The interim result of the written phase of the selection process for the team that will represent UFSC at the 26th Vis Moot has been published at the UFSC Law School official web page.

You can have access to it on the link.


Article in Extensio Magazine

30/08/2018 20:00

Last week, Edition Volume 25, Number 29 of Extensio: Electronic Extension Magazine was released. It features an article written by Professor Aline Beltrame de Moura, GEArb coordinating professor, amongst the group monitor, Gustavo Becker Monteiro, and the group members Hamilton Antônio Zardo Neto, Juliana Blanco de Oliveira, Kristyan Quadros and Vitória Linhares Malucelli about the importance of the moot courts as an extension of the academic life.

The article is available for reading at: