The Group

Formed in the year of 2014, GEArb (International Arbitration Study Group acronym in Portuguese) began its activities thanks to the initiative of Centro Acadêmico XI de Fevereiro, UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina) Law students representative entity. On the first half of every school year, the group promotes public meetings every week to talk about arbitration. On the second half, it focuses on the preparation of the teams that will represent UFSC in national and international arbitration moots.

Ever since the group formation, the UFSC team is the first in the state of Santa Catarina to participate in national and international arbitration moots. It regularly participates in Competição Brasileira de Arbitragem Empresarial Petrônio Muniz (CAMARB), Competição de Arbitragem Empresarial (CAEMP) and the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot. In 2016, the group also participated in Competencia Internacional de Arbitraje, held at the Montevideo University, in Uruguay.

In 2017, the group started to be coordinated by Professor Aline Beltrame de Moura, Public and Private International Law professor at UFSC. That was when it officially became an extension project offered to law undergraduate and postgraduate students. Each day, the group consolidates itself by promoting academic projects (events and study group meetings) and representing UFSC in moot courts.

Join us in our activities!